About Inspector Collector

Who is Inspector Collector? I’m just a guy who loves to collect stuff, all kinds of stuff. My great grandpa, grandpa and dad came from Russia and loved to have shelves full of knickknacks and doodads, so they gave me some of their stuff and now I display it on my shelves!

I live in a tiny NYC apartment that’s full of cool things from all over the world. I simply love to travel and collect stamps in my passport. I’ve got Chinese menus galore, a zillion different bottle caps, scissors you won’t believe, spoons, paperclips, toothpicks and tons more. My favorite snack is popcorn and I collect all kinds of pictures and stories about corn – did you know that every year in Iowa they decorate the entire outside of a huge building with corn, corn, corn and, oh yeah, more corn.

I need your help sorting all my stuff. Please look at the photos of my stuff, use the special cyber-magnifier to inspect it very closely, and send me email to tell me what you know about it, cause sometimes I don’t even know what I’ve got! Ask questions about it too, and I’ll reply ASAP.

Most importantly, you too can become an Inspector Collector – get some pictures and descriptions of your favorite stuff, have your parents email ‘em, and we’ll put ‘em up on this site in the Friends’ Collections section.

I also travel to schools, camps and community centers, bringing really fun programs for kids. So if you like what you see, have your parent or teacher contact me and I’ll bring a suitcase full of goodies to share with you. Kids get to touch new and old things from all around the world and make their own collectibles. Maybe you’ve heard of Inspector Collector’s YUK, WOW, HMM Theory. When you meet someone new or foreign, you can react in three possible ways. One is to say YUK, i never saw anyone like that and don’t like her. The second is to say WOW, she’s totally amazing like no one I’ve ever seen before. Neither of those make the new person feel good. Inspector Collector prefers to say HMMM, here’s a new person – what kinds of questions can I ask her? Try it sometime – you can get really smart!

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